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Welcome to the WATExR blog!

This is a place where the groups working on the WATExR project exchange technical information on the progress they are making in modelling, data analysis or QGIS plug-in development. However, the posts will also deal with other aspects of the project, like climate research friendliness, co-development techniques, stakeholder engagement, and more.


The blog is a dynamic, living document aimed at improving both internal project communication and efficiency, and outreach. As such it may at times be a bit technical and difficult to completely understand. Still, we hope its contents will be appealing to a wider audience.

As part of our activities to foster a collaborative environment at WATExR, we organize dedicated workshops for early career researchers on transversal topics fundamental to all case studies. It cannot be otherwise, our first one was on seasonal climate prediction with our climate forecasting experts...

As part of our policy on Climate-Friendly Research, we follow the guidelines from JPI Climate and recommend train travel between neighbouring countries for attending meetings. However, for our last annual meeting at Magdeburg (Germany), some members of the Irish team went a step further...

Sensitivity analysis is used in modelling to identify which parameters and forcing data variables that a model is sensitive to (Bueche & Vetter, 2014; Pianosi et al., 2016). This procedure is beneficial because it: 1) helps in the understanding of how the model works and...